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    Yeah, I have a lot of questions >_<

    Well, I noticed that whenever I use any picture of mine as a background for a categories app, it comes out blurry. Or the resolution doesn't turn out as good as it's supposed to look. I look at the picture on my computer, but when I active "Use background.png" for my categories folder, the image does show up, but it seems slightly stretched out/blurry.

    I was wondering if it's just me or not and more importantly: How do I get background.png to show up the same size/quality as it is on my computer, if that's even possible.

    I'm thinking that maybe the background.png's I'm using aren't the right size. But I've tried 320 x 480, as well as 320 x 460, and both of them make my background blurred/stretched

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    Edit: Well, even though there's no responses, I found the solution in case anyone happens to see this topic in the future and shares the same issue. To make the category background not seem blurry and all, the size of background.png must be 320 x 468 =)

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