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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by i_is_surf, Mar 4, 2009.

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    Ok, I need some help...

    Between modmyi and various other websites I decided to try and replace my carrier logo with a .png so I didn't have just the cut off text.

    I followed the winterboard theme tutorial but that didn't work. (Yes, I even put it above my custom theme, it was at the very top and checked, but it still didn't work)

    I went to another website which suggested I delete all of the carriers from system/library/carrier bundles and create a new folder called unknown.bundle and add the .png files there.

    However still no luck. I left the original ATT_US bundle in place and even tried to change the name of the .png I wanted to use as ATT_US but that didn't work.

    So, now I still have the cut off text for the carrier and when I go into settings, the carrier reads (null)(null).

    I even tried to put the carrier logos in independently of the winterboard theme and that didn't work.

    I'm on a jailbroken/unlocked (With yellowsn0w) iPhone 3G 16GB with 2.2FW on the network.

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