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    3G iPod touch
    I have an Itouch 3g, 64 gig that i recently bought, and I love it.
    i am trying to find the best car cradle that will charge the itouch, and allow me to play it through the radio. i bought a belkin fm unit, but the fm transmitter seems to always have interference, so i plugged a cassette adapter into the bottom of the belkin unit (has a plug in case the signal sucks lol).
    When the unit is in the cradle, the volume on the itouch automatically maxed out and can only be controlled throught the car stereo. this makes the itouch sound distorted. if i could lower the volume on the itouch while it was on the cradle, i would be all set, however i can not.
    I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem, or could recommend the best cradle/charger for the itouch 3g 64 gig.
    any and all feedback is greatly appreciated! thanks, and happy new year!


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