cant jailbreak with my windows xp why???

Discussion in 'iPod touch 1.1.x Jailbreak' started by ricecook, Oct 18, 2007.

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    THE APPLICATION FAILED TO INTIALIZE PROPERLY (0X0000135). CLICK ON OK TO TERMINATE THE APPLICATION...??? i restore my computer too before i did this reinstall itunes but still same but this time i restore ipod back to normal....also after i restore my windows xp it said that something like '' STATISTIC BOOT DISK NEEDS TO BE MODIFY'' what that mean???i get that all the time when i restore my computer everytime..whats that for any way??im just going to wait till i get my macbook next month and do the ijailbreak for it that i will fill more safer...i think i need to downlaod somethig for my computer i dont know much about computers...well im not trying that again...its so tempting i want apps on my ipod think i need to download a software for my computer thats why it not running touchfree..but i jailbreak it before on my computer and it work but wired thing happen to it after a while playing installing apps ect when i turned it off and turn it back on the icon music/videos/photos/itune end up at the top of the screen so i tot it got bad flash or somthing so i restore it and work but when i tried jailbreaking it again that THE APPLICATION FAILED TO INTIALIZE PROPERLY (0X0000135). pop up..also when i first jailbroke it at the end when it was dose flashing it it said something about caceh if you dont trust press enter to abandon but i tpye yes and it wrote a little bit more files then exit..and it was a diffrent guide for windows not this one.. so yeah ill just wait when i get my macbook anybody know why i cant jailbreak with my windows?? thanks
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