cant downgrade 1.1.3?

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    Dec 12, 2007
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    can someone help me downgrade 1.1.3 to 1.1.2 or 1.1.1.
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    Dec 24, 2007
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    iPhone 4S (Black)
    Foolproof (iPhuc) method:

    1) Find a recent copy of iPhuc. Google it (for windows, try iPhuc Win32)

    2) Make sure you have your 1.1.1 ipsw file.

    3) Copy your 1.1.1 restore ipsw file to a separate directory, this will be your working file.

    4) Extract your ipsw file (it's just a renamed zip file - use winrar or winzip, I had trouble using the built in zip extraction in Windows Explorer)

    5)Navigate to Firmware\dfu and find the file that begins with WTF

    6)Copy this file to your iPhuc folder.

    7) Connect your ipod to your computer and open iphuc

    8)Type the following (w/o quotes):

    9) Wait on the ipod to reboot into recovery mode

    10) Now, in the recovery menu enter:
    a) "filecopytophone WTF.s5l89OOxall.RELEASE.dfu" (s5L89 Oh Oh (not zeros))

    b) "filecopytophone WTF.s5l900xall.RELEASE.dfu" (s5L89 zero zero)

    c) "cmd go"

    11) Your ipod should reboot.

    12) Open iTunes, it should say it found an iPod in recovery mode. Yay.

    13) Shift-click on restore and find your ORIGINAL (not unzipped) 1.1.1 restore file.

    14) Double-click, restore, wait, and you'll be back to 1.1.1

    (credits to Erica Sadun and ipodtouchmaster05 - I'm just repeating what I've learned from them)

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