Cant connect to Wifi with full signal??? Help

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by appleipod22, Jan 20, 2008.

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    I recently purchased a Wireless-G Linksys Router to get on the internet at my house with the touch. Iam running a usb connecton though with my desktop computer (new router takes ethernet). I cant set up my ethernet connection because missing hardware or whatever on my computer but wont get into that. But bottom line I hooked up my new router put a ethernet cord in the back of my RR modem got all the lights on the router working full signal on my ipod but try to open safari and it says "safari cant open the page becuase it can't find the server. I reseted the router and network settings on the ipod but still that error pops up. Will it not connect beucase iam not using the linksys router to connect to my internet with the ethernet connection? plese help thank you!
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    I've heard this mentioned before - may want to search for more information. I'd suggest looking into the DHCP not working correctly. Go into your iPod Touch. Select Settings > Wi-Fi. Then tap on the blue arrow to the right of your connecting in wireless. Do you have an IP address assigned? Do you have a DNS or router? If not, you'll need to set it to manual and enter those based on the information from your wireless router. That's seemed to work for most people...

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