Can't Connect to Univeristy Network!

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by touchaholic, Mar 22, 2009.

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    ahh ok,
    well i searched around a bnit about this... and most of the threads said to ask the IT people... but i HIGHLY doubt the eggs here would even know where to set up wireless on a touch let alone know what to do.. if this fails however ill ask. but ti feel it would be a waste of time

    ok so at my uni we have a log on and pin. and i get the page to come up to log in and it works.. says its connetced and everything but it wont load anything. jsut says the server has stopped responding.!

    so the tutorial on the website says:
    If MUStudents already exists in the Preferred networks list then select it and click
    on the Properties button, otherwise click Add. Enter or select the following
    Network name (SSID): MUStudents
    Network Authentication: WPA Enterprise
    Data encryption: TKIP


    Next, click on the Authentication tab. Under EAP type select Protected EAP
    (PEAP). Make sure that the Authenticate as computer… checkbox is clear, and
    that the Authenticate as guest… checkbox is also clear.

    most of these options arent on the ipod.
    its says to selet WPA WPA Enterprise but then never tells you a password ANYWHERE!! and i dont think it my login password coz i tried that and its too short

    please give any ideas on how to connect to this network.. its driving me insane. and i dont want to ask the dickheads at the IT desk.. as i doubt they will be of help..
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