can't choose network selection

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by 1god1king, Dec 29, 2007.

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    Ok Thanks for all the help but i still need a little more and i have search this time

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    I have iphone 1.1.1 got off ebay as unlocked "not"

    so i jailbroke it and used anysim to unlock

    I purchased a prepaid t-moble " verizon has me by the balls"

    to try phone out

    insert prepaid sim followed anysim directions

    no at&t no longer shows up at settings/phone just says carrier service

    "which i assume is normal

    I now have a carrier icon in settings tap " loads " I see t-moble

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    but can't select it tried atutomatic/at&t/t-moble nothing

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    did i miss a step is there a fix "sms fix" do i need to run this app?

    is it that i just got the card an hour ago and it not ativated complete

    when i call number goes to voicemail ? thanks for your help


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