cann't mount root filesystem

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    Hi, all. I have jailbroken 3.0, and I want to enlarge the system partition. So I login itouch with ssh, and use fdisk to repartition my flash. When I create another partition with fdisk, the system crashed. And reboot the recovery mode. I use iRecovery to connect itouch in Linux, and the system boot failed because it cann't mount the root filesystem.

    Then I use the following two steps to boot the system:
    1. iRecovery -f kernelcache.release.s5l8720x
    2. iRecovery -c "bootx"
    With this two steps the system runs, and I can read the file with i-FunBox, it says the filesystem is RawSystem. I cann't copy anything to itouch with iTunes. So I cann't use ssh or install a terminal application on itouch. I use iTunes to restore the system in DFU mode, but it doesn't help. I think it's caused by the crash when i use fdisk.

    How can I format the filesystem? Can anyone help me? Thanks a lot.
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    Thank you all. It's the root filesystem, the filesystem is OK. It's because the parameters passed into the kernel, boot-partition parameter is error. Everything is ok now.

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