Cannot restore appears to be stuck in restore mode

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by jrcdpm, Feb 3, 2009.

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    I am fairly adept with my ipod touch but this one has me stumped. My co-worker brought in his ipod touch and it will not turn on. When connected to i-tunes it indicates an ipod in recovery mode. All attempts to restore on both a Mac and a PC trying multiple USB inputs, deleting and reinstalling iTunes, etc. all fail. The restore starts by saying preparing ipod for restore, the Apple boot logo is on the ipod, but it eventually brings up the 1604 error message. The Apple boot logo remains. Holding home and power buttons returns it to recovery mode. There is never the picture with the cord and attach to computer on the device.

    I have searched just about everywhere, and none of the suggested fixes on this forum or the Apple support site work.

    Since I have always been able to restore my Ipod, could this be a hardware problem?

    The ipod touch in question is a 1G 16 GB. I believe he was running firmware 2.2 unjailbroken.

    Thanks for any help or ideas.

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