Can you upload music from Pianist?

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    I used Iphone Browser to find the songs I've made in Pianist but I want to extract it to my computer so I can listen to it. When I found the files, the files had a format of .SAV. Is it possible to listen to the music, I've recorded, on the computer by extracting the saved music files to the PC?
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    Try to convert them into .mp3?
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    From the horse's mouth...

    Pianist uses an proprietary save format, which you shouldn't be able to access in any case in the brave new non-Jailbreak world.

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    I am working on a method of allowing import and export to the iPhone, which will give the potential to export and import Pianist songs, at which point I will also update the file format to MIDI. There just has not been a need for it while the files are locked away (for most people) in the device. This functionality is being developed for a new an exciting app (that I'm _really_ not going to say any more about), but I would expect to filter the technology down to the older apps in the future.

    However, if you want the _audio_ of songs created with Pianist (or any of my apps) then all you need to do is hook up the iPhone to your PC via the headphone socket, and then use a sampling package such as Audacity (which is free and available for both Mac and PC- You can the save the audio as Wav/MP3, or whatever you want really.

    That is how I created the demo videos on and it's simple and effective, providing you have a PC of course.

    Thanks for your continued interest in Pianist!

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