Can you hack Cartoon Wars 2 Heros?

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    so can you hack the second cartoon wars to increase gold or anything and if so how?
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    just use a hex editor its easy
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    How could you edit hexes? i am using Hex Workshop but i dont know sh*t about how to edit hex'es which hexes are what?

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    for money just find out how much gold you have and type the bumber in here: . then see what the hex value is for example if you have 2000 gold type 2000 and the hex would be 7D0. so search for the hex and change that to what you want. oh ya the hex is backwards though so if your gold had the hex of 1122 it would show up has 22 11 in hex workshop so you would have to search for 2211. it should be near the bottom. also you are doing the to the cwh_0 file in the documents folder. i dont know why but for some reason when you do it alot the game stops saving idk why like i modded my gold real high a few times and then when i save the game it doesnt save even when i put an old save on the game.
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    Cartoon Wars 2: Heroes Save

    Here I made a working save for you guys:

    Just go to your Cartoon Wars 2 folder in SSH and in the documents folder you should see cwh_0 and Delete both of the files and start a new game on your ipod/iphone. Then exit out of the game by clicking the home button (dont save) and put the cwh_0 file you downloaded in the documents folder. Start up Cartoon Wars and click load. You will start with 999,999 gold and about 4,000 SP. You welcome

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