Can we settle this once and for all? Skype wi 3.0/truphone/fring: NEED A PROFESSIONAL

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    Ok. I have read and read and everything I run into has mixed reviews. "Yes, skype works with 3.0 firmware; no skype doesn't work w/ 3.0 firmware." What is the real answer?!? Does or does not skype work with a jailbroken ipt with 3.0 firmware?

    Secondly, I have read reviews for all three programs listed in this title and everyone review page has someone talking sh*t about "program is choppy when on a call. Program doesn't work well. Program crashes. Program blah blah blah." There is no consistency anywhere that I can find. So for the love of God himself, all I want to know (and the rest of the community that wants to make VOIP calls from their ipt) is: of the three programs listed, which one will let me make a call using my skype account consistently from a foreign country? IF the answer is not Skype app, then are you actually using your skype account or are you just hosting your skype account through the 3rd party app?

    Finally, which program above (besides Skype obviously) lets you import all your skype contacts to the program? I don't give a damn about push not. because all I want to use it for is to make calls internationally. Last question, which app lets you add credits on your ipt (if any) without having to get on a computer?



    If there are any other commonly recurring skype questions please post them here so there will be no more confusion.

    EDIT: just installed Skype on my jailbroken ipt2G 3.0 firmware and gave me the warning "Not supported on modified blah blah blah were gay" message. So NO the Skype App from iTunes DOESN'T WORK on jailbroken ipts. Still need clarification on other question though please. Thank you.

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