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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by kalpa11, Sep 9, 2009.

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    Well I went to the apple store today in hopes of buying the revamped ipot 2g even though I was hoping for the 3g. Well they didn't have it but I fell In love with the 3gs anyways I have some questions does it come in 8 gb and also does it have opengles version 2.0 like the new touch. And one more If I buy the 3gs without contract (500 dollars

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    ) then I will unlock it and use it with tmobile so my question is that does my tmobile plan have to include 3g in it or can I use my existing crappy plan which doesn't have data or 3g speeds. Please help me I would apprecite it thank you
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    The 3GS is not available in 8GB; only 16 and 32.

    I am not sure about the OpenGL ES thing; I am sure a Google search will answer that.

    You can use an unlocked 3GS on T-Mobile regardless of your plan. The T-Mobile 3G will not work with the iPhone; they use different frequencies so the best you can get is EDGE.

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