can a smart person mod the for me?

Discussion in 'Jailbroken iPod touch Application Archive' started by gary001, Jul 28, 2008.

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    ok. So I kno this has been discussed a million times already and everyone says it's a stupid idea...but hear me out. I would really like someone to mod the for 2.0 so I can send txt msgs thru wifi. The reason I want it modded instead of having a new app that does it is because I want all my msgs to be in the same place. Not have all my wifi msgs in one app and the rest in another (unless someone could make an app that reads the SMS cashe or wutever). But the reason I want this is not because I want to txt ppl on my ipod but so I can do it on my iPhone. Because some places I don't get signal but I can get wifi and then I can always txt.

    To The Mods...I don't kno if this goes in "2.0" discussions or not so please move it if so. Sry
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    i tried making some progress on this in 1.1.4. unfortunately i couldn't get the from some1 since i had an ipod. however i am getting an iphone 2 marro at 8:45 am (so happy and excited) so i will take a look at it.

    on 1.1.4 i was able to make it so i added an email address to there phone number. if i where to do it you would have to enter 2 numbers for the contact, 1 with an email adress after it, and 1 without (for calling and such)

    i dunno i will take a look at it, i don't think it would be to difficult.

    the only problem i think is that you would either have to always send it throught wifi or always send it the normal way. i could possible impliment a switch that you could just tap.

    what i think i would do is actually mod the, and just change it so it has a gui like the, and rename it to since you can send it throught wifi through but its a hassle.

    oh well i will take a look at it 2 marro and get back 2 u

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