Camino on Mac OSX?

Discussion in 'General Apple Chat' started by ElectricBuffalo, Aug 5, 2008.

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    Hey guys,

    I honestly don't even own a Mac right now, but I'm probably going to be getting one for school pretty soon here. However, I'm curious about something. I was visiting the Mozilla website and I've heard of Camino before, but I've never really looked into it very deeply.

    Well, after a brief investigation of the site and Camino's features, it looks like a dumbed down version of Firefox. I don't know if Camino was meant to be part of the whole Macintosh "easy to use" theme, but after a brief review of the site I did not notice any major differences from Firefox except for a "simple" toolbar setup.

    Did I miss some features? Or is it really like another version of Firefox?

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