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    Ok, i've thought this through and have noticed there is only one this standing in the way of the ipod touch having a camera.
    The app to show the live feed on screen.

    If this was possible, then the camera could be a easy-to-get-hold-of cheap webcam, (so that everyone can get it) and it can be connected by just modding the USB to the 30 pin ipod dock connector.
    Then, the app will only need to show the live feed on screen, as the ipod touch can already take screen shots. this will therefore be used to capture the on screen feed.

    I know that this has been said many times but i am looking for some one who could help develop such an app. It does not need to be fancy or complicated, all it need is to be able to run the feed straight onto the screen.

    Another this i have noticed is the online webcam feed that stream live webcam footage on to the ipod. i do not know how this affects the idea, but it shows webcams can stream live footage to the ipod.

    external power may be needed to run the camera, but I'm sure this can be accomplished the same way as the mighty boost works etc.

    Please add to this forum, or PM me with any input you can add to this project. Also, please feel free to correct me on anything you see will not work in this idea.

    I am a young 3D designer in-the-making, and this is my first project.

    Thanks for your time

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