Camera Connection Kit - where??

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Rotund, Jul 19, 2010.

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    When I bought my iPad, day after release, the main reason was to use it for viewing/slightly editing and loading pictures to Flickr. I've since used it for just about everything else, so certainly not wasted my money.

    To date, I haven't found anywhere in the UK selling the camera connection kit, and the Apple store is still saying 4-6 weeks, same as it was, 4-6 weeks ago??

    There are a load on eBay, but selling for 3-4 times the RRP, but no fake/copied versions.

    Since everything else apple make is copied, how come I can't find a copy of this item? Is it such a hi-tech piece of kit? Has anyone seen one available now in the UK for the standard price, or a third party copy?


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    This one is a bit hard to say... Perhaps the best explanation would be that Apple launched the iPad too close to the launch of the iPhone 4 for comfort, and is now struggling to manufacture both devices and their accessories alongside. The situation may brighten up in a few months, but trust me, if you weren't lucky with the camera connection kit, you'll likely end up having to wait for much longer...

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