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    Can someone who knows anythign about code help me?

    ive got a weather and calendar widget and everything is cool except the date on the calendar doesnt automatically update, i have to respring to get it to change day and date.

    ive looked in the html file and i see this line of code
    <td id="date" valign="top">
    <script language="JavaScript">document.write(this_date_string)</script>
    Now, in a widget that does update i see in the same place this code

            <span id="DayUpdate">
            <script language="JavaScript">DayUpdate(); setInterval('DayUpdate()', 1000 )</script>
            <span id="calendar">
            <script language="JavaScript">calendarDate(); setInterval('calendarDate()', 1000 )</script>
    i know nothing about code but i thought maybe i could just replace one with the other, but then nothing shows up. so could someone tell me how to combine these two OR change the first one to make the calnedar update?

    thanks in advance

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