calendar and icon overlay misaligned

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    icon overlay misaligned

    I just downloaded the Dulce theme (fantastic btw.) and noticed one problem.

    The black rectangle that is overlaid onto the icons in order to dim then when selected is misaligned. I have provided a screenshot for clarification. The image was taken just before settings opened up.

    EDIT: I realized that the reason the image is misaligned is because the theme uses 100x100 icons as opposed to the default 60x60 icons. I still don't know where the black rectangle image file is, but if I find it I'll make a fixed file for everyone.

    EDIT2: I fixed the problem! There is a file in (/system/library/coreservices/ called IconDarkeningOverlay.png. I created a new one using the Dulce template and replaced it (backing up the old one of course) and it works great. I attached the new file for everyone.

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