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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by makaveldon04i, Nov 8, 2008.

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    my friend is going to sell me his 16gb iphone 3g for around 150 good condition/used .. now, on ebay,how much would it go for/ could i just send it as it is w/o the sim card or how would it work...thanks, new to the ebay scene
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    (assuming you live in the US) Unless the buyer has an AT&T simcard, it won't work on other carriers. Unless they use a sim unlock method. I live in NZ in my case, our phones are unlocked so it works on any carriers.

    If youre gunna sell it write in the description that it only works with AT&T. If it's in good condition (no visible marks) i would sell it for $180~200 if there are some scuffed up edges or visible/noticable marks possibly for $150. Online shoppers are usually picky about that.

    Hope that helped =)

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