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    this package includes a wallpaper,icons,dock,badge image and statusbar.. all ready to use. just drop the folder into your SummerBoard theme folder.
    (the apple is part of the statusbar. so you need to use a transparent carrier image)
    if you need any help with this. please feel free to note me.

    I Have now updated the pack with more things for iphone.
    I added some more icons for iphone. Stock,the iphone,Text,Camera and a New safari. you can see that in the new screenshot. I also included a statusbar without the Apple. because it doesn't look good on the iphone with the phone signal on top of it.The last thing i made a apple carrierimage to go with Buuf.

    permission was given for all works by *mattahan

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    its cool but the wallpaper looks a little 2 busy

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