"But I still like you, I stilll like you, today" TV Ad Song

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    Hey guys, for the last 20 minutes i've been searching EVERYWHERE for a song i heard on a commercial the other day.

    Now i've tried YouTube searches, Lyric searches, Googled around for anyone with the same question but i just CANNOT find that song.

    Now the commercial is in Australia.

    As of now i can't remember what it was advertising either, haha, but if i see it on TV again i will update this thread immediately, all i know for now, is some lyrics in the song go something like this;

    But I still like you,
    I still like you today.

    i think it's the chorus, or part of it, and it's very catchy. sorry i don't have heaps on information and this being a mostly US dominated forum i understand my chances are slim but i would be VERY grateful if you could look around and reply to this thread.

    Thanks guys.

    EDIT: Advertising Vodaphone, hope it helps

    the song is called:
    Because I Do - Pearl and the Puppets

    thanks for everyones help

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