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    I just finished pwning my ipod touch. I am suprised by how easy it was to do, and i recommend everyone, that haven't done it, to do it. You shouldn't be afraid of all the threads with people failing.

    Although I got one small problem. When my ipod goes to sleep and i then wake it up it says the date in english instead of in swedish.

    I guess this is a bug? Has anyone else experienced this?

    Maybe it is not a bug and i did something wrong?

    Can you please tell me how to fix this or should I report it to the developers of pwnage?

    And one more question..When I created the custom firmware in pwnage I don't remember what apps i checked. But I checked all the three default ones. When i check in installer i have Community sources and Installer. I know one of the ones i checked was BSD Subsystem. What happened to it? I think I have read something about that it is installed, but you can't see it in the installer and that you should install some kind of Fake BSD subsystem.

    What should I do?

    Please help me

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