broken screen, now doesn't work?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by alicee, May 24, 2009.

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    May 24, 2009
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    okk i need major help!
    a week ago i got my 2nd gen touch out of my bag and noticed a crack in it, it was in the bottom right hand corner but had one big long long (looked bit like a hair) and the crack wasn't thick or anything. everything will worked fine so i carried on using it. then this morning i got it out of my bag and it wouldn't turn on, so i put it in my ipod dock, still no movement. i connected it to my computer and the background is very faint, like very faint and you can barley see anything. as well as not being able to see anything, the screen doesn't work at all. i can't slide to unlock or anything.
    so i'm guessing the screen has just got worse and needs a new screen fitted and everything will be okay? or not?

    if so how much is a new screen in England and/or is it covered by warranty?
    i'd appreciate your help very much, my mum is going to kill me LOL.
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    Sep 6, 2008
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    3G iPod touch
    ok :

    No it isn't covered by warranty, in fact it voids ur warranty
    You can get a 1g screen replacement for around £70 so you should be able to get a 2g one
    It sounds like you've put pressure on the screen because mine is cracked and still works perfectly.

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