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    I am making some taps and will be uploading them to media fire to share to all, I hope you like them I hope to get better as I go.

    If you are an author of any of these songs and want it taken down I will do so if asked via a pm.

    Spirit of the night
    by Square
    Tap http://www.[].com/file/hziz32mz2wy/Square Enix - Spirit of the night (medium).tap
    Song http://www.[].com/file/umfgjhimwoq/Square Enix - Spirit of the night.m4a

    ~EnV~Heaven Rd. 2 (Ng mix) <--------- get it this song is epic
    By Envy (newgrounds)
    Tap http://www.[].com/?e1mwz1zz2mz
    Song http://www.[].com/file/mmijcmojmnw/Envy (From Newgrounds) - ~EnV~Heaven Rd. 2 (Ng mix).m4a

    Chrono Trigger world map
    by Chronamut (newgrounds)
    http://www.[].com/file/0dqmznzimfk/Chronamut - Chrono Trigger World Map.m4a
    http://www.[].com/file/znn5jnr0uzm/Chronamut - Chrono Trigger World Map (medium).tap

    Super Kirby compilation
    by EliteFerrex (newgrounds)

    Sonic 3 zone boss
    by EliteFerrex (newgrounds)

    This is SPARTA (fun mix)
    by keatonkeaton999

    YES! I will take requests. Requests may be from PM or posted.
    Current # of tap requests= 0

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    request you know you want too...

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