bought a Logitech Pure-Fi speaker

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by impreziv, Jun 18, 2008.

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    bought a Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere speakerset for my 32gb touch.

    i had been looking for speakers for my touch for a while, for using at work. i dont like headphones or earbuds much, not being able to hear whats happening around me makes me nervous, lol

    i've only yet pulled it out of the box, and used a bit of the factory battery charge. its charging now.

    for anyone interested in this speaker, or speakers in general, heres my first impressions:

    1. Logitech sells this as being a high end speakerset, clear sound, and good bass. it really is, and it sounds great even up to the loudest volume level

    2. after a minute of using it, i noticed when it got to louder parts of the song, the sound crackled a bit. it got worse after another minute or so. after a moment of thought, i decided it was due to having such a low battery charge from the factory. i put it on the charger, and it immediately fixed the crackle. i really should have charged it right out of the box

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    no worries

    3. it comes with maybe 10-12 ipod 'trays' for the cradle, but none specifically for the ipod touch. i found one of the trays works perfectly, the dish is about twice as thick as the touch needs to sit inside, but it works best over the others because the hole for the plug to come through is closest to the rear of the dish. after putting it on the charger i checked Logitech's site, and they say that the Apple-provided tray is what you should use. im going to try that.

    4. the buttons on the top are very firm, almost no travel at all. im sure ill get used to it, but pushing the buttons requires a bit of pressure.

    5. remote is really light and cheap. feels like empty plastic. navigating the Touch using the remote is a waste of time, you cant really get through the menus very intuitively. it seems like it was designed for pre-touch ipods. it isnt impossible to use the remote, its just that the Touch's interface was designed for 'touch', not hardware buttons. doing through my artist list is done with the up/down arrows, but i couldnt seem to select an artist. im only going to be using the remote for volume, changing tracks, and powering it off or on.

    also, it has its own rechargeable, and it does charge your ipod while connected (you can disable this). it lasts for 10 hours apparently, on a charge. it also has an aux input.

    it also has a 'Stereo XL' button, which just improves the sound ranges (i believe), it really cleans up the sound, but it doesnt suit some music.

    one other plus, is a small test i gave it. on the song Atom Heart Mother, by Pink Floyd (23 minute song), at the 19 minute mark, there is a small robotic voice (quite high in the sound range) saying "silence in the studio". i have 1 pair of headphones, and 2 sets of (decent) speakers, that cant make out that sound (the headphones cant even hear it, and speakers can only hear the lower tones of the phrase). im happy to find that these speakers hear that sound perfectly. they seem to have an excellent frequency range, although Logitech doesnt list this in the specs, so i cannot confirm except with my ear

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    these are supposed to be $169.99 according to Apple, but i picked mine up for $99 at Futureshop (canadian store).

    i highly recommend this speaker. these annoyances (only #5 is really an annoyance), are not likely to be resolved by any speaker, due to the difference between the touch and other ipods. compatibility may come in time.
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    and? it's part review part story, haha.

    you should've named he thread
    '[Review] Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere'

    then maybe you'd get a couple more posts, lol

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