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    Ever since I tried them at this Target some years ago, I've fallen in love with them.
    I could be getting them for my birthday soon, but I want to ask you guys some questions, and your opinion.

    -First off, I'm not sure about this, but, do these require separate batteries?
    Or are they special ones that come with it that I can recharge easily, or something like that?
    -Are there any other Bose Headphones you would recommend along the lines of the On-Ear? I'm not that big of an Around-Ear hps.
    -Any personal experience with them?
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    None of the require seperate batteries. The QC3 uses a rechargable battery, (Via a docking station) but the bad thing about the QC3 is that once you run out of battery, you can't play any music what so ever. The battery turns on the ANC btw. General Bose sound sig would be... overwhelming bass, recessed mids and treble and general lack in detail. However, comfort is very good. I, personally, would never recommened anything from Bose anymore due to the general sound sig. You can definitely get better for your money. I have tried all of them, BUT the around ear since there isn't a model for me to try in the Apple Store. All of them have been plugged into my iPod touch and I used ALAC files to do my quick listening impressions.
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    Listen to him^

    Knows everything about headphones.

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