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    I successfully jailbroke lastnight after having problems restoring a fresh 2.0 firmware(error code 6. it worked on a different computer). When I ran cydia for the first time it said theres important updates, like 6 of them. I clicked accept or something like that and it started downloading the first one, I left the room for a few minutes and when I came back it was just a black screen with the spinning wheel and carrier/time bar. I held down power+home till it restarted, I then went back into cydia and updated the other few updates left and didn't have a problem. Should I use bosstool to move whatever I can? I'm just trying to do all the maintenance before I start installing many apps.

    second question...

    I followed the iphone guide on winpwn website which linked to this guide:

    The one thing that was scary was this part in the screeny below: I'm just wondering if I should have done this. If it could cause any problems later on. When I run bootNeuter it says its on version 3.9, neuter is on, fakeblank is off, and unlock is on. Is all this okay? And what would happen if I changed any of those settings?

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