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Discussion in 'Accessories' started by RatPackSopra, Jan 16, 2009.

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    I own a iPod Touch 2nd Gen. and I need to find a boombox that will will put up with some abuses. I usually keep a boombox in one of my work vehicles and I drag it in and out over the course of a day. I am not against buying a unit that connects to the Touch with a cable if I can't find the type with a cradle that will keep the Touch from flopping around on the connecting base.

    I found a unit at BestBuy (link below) that seemed to be a great choice, but the more I looked and listened to it the more I found to not like about it. I really liked that the ipod could go inside the unit, but it required taking the Touch out of its case (rebeltouch) for it to fit inside the unit. That was a big strike against it right there, but when I turned the unit on I was very disappointed with the sound quality and that was hard to believe since its a Sony unit and that is the same brand I'm replacing. After reading a few reviews on Bestbuys site while I was in the store and several were blasting the sound quality I was surpised to find all of those reviews missing when I went to get the link for this post. Hmmmm makes one think doesn't it? box&lp=12&type=product&cp=1&id=1216425189693

    Well I want to be clear on one thing ...I have got to have a unit that will not fall off or wiggle around on the connecting base when the unit gets jostled because it will get bumped around a little over the course of a day and over time it could cause some catastrophic problems. Something says I need to look for a unit that connects with a cable, but I'll not throw in the towel just yet. Maybe someone can shine some light on this and give me a little insight.


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