iOS 3.1 Bluetooth with imac.. issue.

Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by goomba38, Feb 22, 2010.

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    Hello, I've just joined this forum about 2 minutes ago because I wanted to state this problem, and i haven't found a good, solid solution anywhere.

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    I have an 3g 8gig ipod touch, with a tethered blackra1n jailbreak.

    I have been having major problems with my ipod-to-27' iMac using bluetooth.

    I have paired both systems to each other, but the ipod still won't connect. I read somewhere else about something i could do if i was paired to the iMac, (But it includes PiRaCy, so i don't want to post my reason..)

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    iMac specs: (27") Mac OS X, 2.66 GHz intel core i5 processor, with 4 gig 1067 MHz DDR3 memory... i can give more specs if you need any,

    Bluetooth specs on iMac:
    Apple Bluetooth Software Version: 2.2.5f6
    Hardware Settings:
    Firmware Version: 182 (374)
    Bluetooth Power: On
    Discoverable: Yes
    HCI Version: 4 ($4)
    HCI Revision: 374 ($176)
    LMP Version: 4 ($4)
    LMP Subversion: 8630 ($21b6)
    Device Type (Major): Computer
    Device Type (Complete): Macintosh Desktop
    Composite Class Of Device: 3801348 ($3a0104)
    Device Class (Major): 1 ($1)
    Device Class (Minor): 1 ($1)
    Service Class: 464 ($1d0)
    Requires Authentication: No
    Bluetooth File Transfer:
    Folder other devices can browse: ~/Public
    Requires Authentication: Yes
    State: Enabled
    Bluetooth File Exchange:
    Folder for accepted items: ~/Downloads
    Requires Authentication: No
    When other items are accepted: Ask
    When PIM items are accepted: Ask
    When receiving items: Prompt for each file
    State: Enabled

    If you need more info, i'll PM, but i'd rather not post anymore info here..
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    Whatever it is, just buy it.

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