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    2G iPod touch
    Bluetooth Speakerphone/FM Transmitter *Updated working

    And hi im new here.

    Has anyone verified a 2g touch with the 3.0 update working with a Bluetooth Speakerphone/FM transmitter in their car?

    I have a Jabra SP700 that works perfectly with my blackberry bold in the car for calls and music. The Ipod Touch pairs halfway with the speakerphone, but will only play through the speakerphone. The FM function will not turn on for some reason with the itouch 2g paired, i have verified this with two Jabra sp700 units as well, so it definitely isnt a malfunctioning unit. Its obvious that this model will not fully support the itouch.

    So, that being the case, im looking for anyone who can confirm a BT speakerphone that will work in FM mode with a 2g Itouch 3.0

    Also I can confirm that the Jabra BT80180 Stereo headset works great with the iTouch 2g.

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    I picked up the Motorola T505 Speakerphone/BT/FM transmitter and the iTouch syncs up like a charm and FM works like you would expect. I returned the Jabra SP700.


    Motorola T505 - Pairs and works as expected with this device.
    Jabra SP700 - partially working, syncs, plays through speakerphone, FM does not work.
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    The Pause/Play button works as well on this device.
    It also pauses your itouch when looking for a new FM station which is nice.

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