Bluetooth keyboard support in plist?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by clayton2, Jun 8, 2010.

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    Hello, is there anyone who has the iOS 4.0 GM installed on their 3rd gen iPod touch that can look in the /System/Library/CoreServices/ for a plist similar to N72AP.plist for the 2nd gen iPod touch, or N82AP.plist for the iPhone 3G, since I think the different devices use different files.

    In that plist file, can someone find a line that mentions keyboard or bluetooth keyboard, so that it can also be enabled on the iPhone 3G and 2nd gen iPod touch?

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    Alright, I think a good place to look for the line of code about the bluetooth keyboard support is in:

    /System/Library/CoreServices/ in the 3rd gen iPod touch.

    /System/Library/CoreServices/ in the iPhone 3GS.

    If some people could look in those plist files it would be much appreciated!!

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