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    Yeah bluetooth,

    I allready had a pair back in time when the bluetooth technology wasn't that good developed and I realy loved them - until the headphone fall apart (rubber and stuff).

    Well budget 50-100$ - I am not expecting them to sound good but well listenable

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    For good audio quality I got my home system - plus some In-Ear phones - but I am sick of screwing them because of the sh*tty wires...
    Also it'll be good for gym to work out without wires.

    I do have a 3.5mm dongle from my old headphones - so I don't need a combination just the headphones self - And after 3.0 is out i won't even need the dongle

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    What I had allready researched for are the following models
    Sony DR-BT21 (which seems the best to me out of price/money)
    Jabra BT620s (dunno about these nice price)
    Hama Wireless Headset BSH-240

    So any suggestions ?

    mkay i came to the conclusio that I will get the Philips 6101 ... I wonder where all the bluetooth headphones I saw 1/2 years ago are gone ...

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