Blacksnow and Cydia issues

Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by Killa-X, Dec 8, 2009.

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    Recently I got a new iPod 3G 32gb. I installed blacksnow to it, and noticed any time I fully turn it off, and then on, it says I must plug iTunes in. Well. I already synced it to my account. So. I did, iTunes days you MUST restore. Blacksnow did. Work but anytime I EVER turn off my iPod. I have to restore. Cydia has forced me to restart due to program that require it. S o have lost all by data 3 times now and I'm thinking jailbreak simply doesn't exist for 3G. Because clearly it doesn't. That else blacksnow sucks because during ts installation it kept a loop going because iTunes goes "iPod in restore mod" each time I install it. And when it's done, iTunes sensing more restoremodes.

    Any better things outthere now besides blacksnow? Something that actually works and doesn't waste time with loosing files? Thanks.
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    Uh blacksnow is for unlocking iPhones.

    Blackra1n jailbreaks and if you are on a new 3G or 3GS then you will have to run blackra1n anytime your iPod or iPhone shuts off. This is called a tethered jailbreak, meaning it has to boot of commands through usb.

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