Blackberry Multimedia Headset Review

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    Blackberry Premium Multimedia Headset Review

    (I will have my own images uploaded sometime.

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    Ok. I know that that title will make people question whether or not I know what Multi-Touch Fans is for, but let me explain.

    These are one of the more beautiful headsets I've seen, and actually work fully on my iPhone 3G. Now, for a little bit of background knowledge, the iPhone 3G only supports a play/pause/answer calls button, and a microphone. This headset has five buttons and a mic, but everything possible that works on the iPhone 3G works. The Mic and the Play/Pause/answer calls button. I do not know if the volume rocker and prev/next buttons work on the iPhone 3Gs or the iPhone 4 though... The jack connector is slightly large, but it's angled. I'd rather have a slightly large one that's solid instead of the flimsy type you can even find on some of the more expensive headphones.

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    The package comes with a nice leather case, different colored faceplate's for the headphones, and different bud sizes. The case is also quite nice, it's a zip-up leather hard-case, basic but nice. The faceplate's are also nice, the headphones have the ability to change the faceplate color by sliding the faceplate's up on the headphones, and putting the different colored ones on instead. There are black ones, silver ones, and red ones included, and they have a brushed aluminum look to them. The bud sizes are small, medium and large. The medium ones fit me quite nicely. These are actually some of the more comfortable headphones I've ever had.

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    The headphones look like they are made of metal, but it's all plastic. They are molded very nicely. They just look and feel very high quality. They are also extremely light, and the clip included can be taken off because it isn't needed at all. Now, they are branded with Blackberry logo's galore, but, even the logo looks nice on these headphones. They wouldn't look that good if there were Apple logo's instead.

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    The sound is actually nice for a headset. I'd say it's equal to headphones worth $50. It's similar to my Sony MDR-EX300's, but is slightly less surrounding, (most probably because the 300's have a different style speaker placement.) The high's are slightly softer, to some people it may be better. The bass isn't as good as the 300's, but the bass on my 300's was non-existent until they were used for a few months, so this kinda remains to be for now... All-in-all it's very nice compared to other headsets that aren't $350.

    I got mine at for $25. They are $90 new. I can say that if you go to WalMart and buy a $25 set of headphones, they surely won't sound as good, and won't offer the multimedia controls and very nice design. If you are looking for a headset this is a very nice pair. If you are just looking for headphones these are still nice compared to other offerings similarly priced buds.
    ( Amazon as a seller had them for $25 a week ago, now they are $18!)

    I definitely recommend them, for $25 on Amazon, it's a steal. I would have to think about it though if the price was $90... I may not recommend them at that price, because there may be better. For $50 I would still definitely recommend though.

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