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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Dakiel, Feb 2, 2008.

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    Hey fellow iPod touch users. I have been a long time reader of the forums, first time poster but I have an interesting problem that I can't seem to solve. My entire music collection is on an NTFS drive with a windows computer but my iPod touch is synced with my Macbook. So I just dragged the music over to my macbook (via USB drive) and then transfer to my iPod. Problem is the Touch is kind of dull without artwork. So I want just the artwork on my touch but not on my whole collection. Is there a way to get a program to download just the artwork for the songs on my touch and then send them over? Thanks.
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    I'm sorry but I've never heard of a program like that...

    -why dont you want artwork for your whole collection?

    Just having iTunes find it would be the simple solution to this, and it would only find 3/4 of the artwork anyway

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    I can think of a very slow and annoying process to do this however

    1. get your library on a flash drive
    2. have one of your computers find artwork through itunes/fixtunes
    3. sync your touch to that computer
    4. back up that library to your flash drive
    5. delete the library of the computer with artwork
    6. add the non-artwork library back to your computer from the usb drive

    **I can't understand why you would do this though it would take so much time and you would need to repeat the process for every new song you get

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