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Discussion in 'iPod touch 1.1.x Jailbreak' started by themerceny, Dec 9, 2007.

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    I was jailbreaking my ipod touch following this video from ipodtouchmaster's collection

    when i get to the part about typing in my ip address i find my ip address and type it in and press enter. then it says network connection failed 3 times and then exits the program. then when i connect to itunes it says i only have 300mb. i decided to restore my ipod by using the ipod touch restore function on the device itself. then i connect to itunes to restore. i download the newest firmware and while it prepares to restore it gives me an error message ,"the ipod "ipod" can not be restored. unkown error (1604)". does this mean i am doomed? i'm stuck with the connect to itunes symbol. i only recently got the ipod so if all else fails i'll try to return it and get another one. any advice is much appreciated.

    EDIT: i tried restarting my computer and restoring again but this time i get unknown error (6) when i used the update 1.1.2 and unknown error (2003) when i used update 1.1.1

    EDIT EDIT: according to Mike (tornado99) on the apple discussion board about unknown error (6), if you get this error you need to first log out of your store account and open a new account though itunes. after creating your account, he says to hold shift and find the firmware update you want to install. then you can restore your ipod. SUCCESS!!!!
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    That's a weird procedure.

    There was this one, that looked a little bizarre as well:
    There's also a similar issue described on the website of Apple, where they give all the instructions to entirely wipe out iTunes and everything related. But apparently it's not necessary.

    Anyway, what counts is that you could solve the problem. Thanks to share the solution, we rarely have any feedback when it works!

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