big problem - he pairing record is missing.

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Beornotsein, May 4, 2009.

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    hello everybody,
    i got a serious problem with my ipod. i can't syncronize with itunes. ok it's not true it updates my programs and i can store files like mp3 or videos on it, but it wont syncronize with my pics or my outlook files. it's just in an endless syncloop. first my ipod was jailbreaked and worked fine. then suddenly the error has occurred. i installed itunes serveral times again, rebooted my pc ( vista 64bit), and finally resetted my ipod to the firmware. nothing changed. i did the jailbreak again... nothing...

    that's the message i get if i try to reset it to the firmware:
    "iTunes could not connect to the iPod "x" because the pairing record is missing."
    but after restarting my ipod it's the original firmware...
    so why can my programs and music be updated, but my outlookfiles and pics not?
    please help...
    thank you!

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