Big Brain Of Fire is out!

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    iPhone 3G (White)
    App: Big Brain Of Fire
    Developer: Arroyo Games
    Price: 2.99$

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    Big Brain Of Fire is a totally different approach on music games, where you can play whatever you want on real drums, real guitar's fret, and even a whole octave of rocking vocal! Every instrument has its own, unique control scheme and highest quality, real sound which will give you an impression of being a real rock star. Big Brain Of Fire includes a classic rock band style mode with awsome rock songs, in which you can practice your skills and gather points.

    The game characteristics:

    - Beautiful and stylish 3D
    - Original and funny scenario
    - 3 instruments to master
    - Tour gameplay mode and
    jam session (free style mode)
    - Master your favourite instrument
    and play with friends anywhere you like

    iTunes link:

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