Best Case to Pair With Invisible Shield?

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by ALBIM, Dec 18, 2008.

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    Nov 8, 2008
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    2G iPod touch
    I have the invisible shield, and I love it, but I want a case for shock protection and drops.

    I would prefer for it to have a rubbery feel to the back of it, as if it doesn't it will probably increase my drops. I really like the feel of the back of the IS. I would guess this would point me in the direction of a silicone case. But if a plastic has a good feel to it with good gripping, that would be even better.

    My top 3 currently are (in order of which I think is the best choice):

    Incase Slider
    Switcheasy Neo Touch
    Switcheasy Rebel Touch

    I realize that the neo touch is all plastic, but does this have a good grip?
    Does the "spine" of the rebel touch hurt the gripping? Does the spine plastic have a good grip?

    Does the incase slider plastic have a good grip? From pictures it looked the best out of all the cases, but is $5 higher then other options.

    The cleaning cloth that came with my ipod is dirty with little particles all over it so I would prefer a brand new one to clean my iPod before putting on the case. I'm assuming for $25 plus they would all include a cleaning cloth. I don't need a screen cover as I have the IS.

    thanks to anyone that can manage to answer all these questions.
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    Mar 21, 2008
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    NeoTouch has a silicone skin, then two plastic grips - one is smooth lexan, the other isn't. It'll probably be grippier than the original black or white-colored Incase Slider 1G which was rather... smooth. The spine of the RebelTouch doesn't hurt the grip that much, just because your hands are likely big enough to grasp the silicone between the ribs. The Incase Slider for the 2G has a semi-rubberized grip, although it may wear off in time if reports about what's been happning to the rubberized 1G Slider cases are accurate.

    For the rubbery feel, I'd go with the Rebel. For the protection value, I'd stick with the NeoTouch, especially since it covers all the edges and comes with a dock connector, screen protector, headphone adapter, and covers all the buttons unlike the Incase Slider.
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    Dec 11, 2008
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    Unfortunately i have no personal experience with any 3 of the cases you mentioned. The case i do have might be exactly what you want, it is the speck pixelskin case. It has a really good rubbery feel that i know you would love as i do. I got the blueberry blue color which is not bad but i think i should have gotten the black one instead, but it still looks really good with the ipod touch. If you have any other questions about this case just let me know.

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