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Discussion in 'iPad' started by iPwn, Apr 3, 2010.

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    My local Best Buy had 4 test demo iPads and i used them for 20 minutes. (I ended up looking like a jackass, because i created a long line for just one, and everyone else used it for ~2 minutes)

    My first impression:

    • Steve jobs was right! That thing SCREAMS! It's really fast. Everything loads up very quickly and animations are very smooth, much better than the 3GS.
    • The screen is very nice. IT's bright and has a great viewing angle.
    • It's a bit heavy. I expected it to be light.
    • Upscaling of apps is HORRIBLE!
    • Safari now has an amazing expose like tab switcher
    • Web pages look really nic on it.
    • The bezel isn't that big up-close.
    • New media player isn't very good.
    • It's a pleasure to use
    • EBOOKS wont be very good on that screen

    I'm adding more soon in a few hours, more in depth.

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