Belkin or DLO leather sleeve case?

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by raEEv3, Mar 14, 2008.

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    I'm debating wether to get Belkin Leather Case, or DLO Hip Case Leather Sleeve for the ipod touch

    I saw a kid in my class with an ipod touch, and a HOT case... I didn't want to ask him, cause he's not the niciest guy in the world -_-" Anyways.. it looked like a DLO hip case.. but not exactly.. You could see the sides on the case, meaning you can see the actual ipod side, with a few straps. DLO leather sleeve.. kinda? looks like it I don't know I mean I went to the website, and looked, their we're 3 images, 2 looked like what I saw on Best buy website, and one of the pictures looked like the guy's ipod touch. Anyways theres a non removable black belt clip on it. So i'm debating wether to get belkin leather case or DLO.. leather sleeve? Which one is better? If anyone got can you take pictures

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    and tell me about it?

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