begining to hate ipod now (not enough memory)

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by clinto84, Dec 30, 2007.

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    Dec 29, 2007
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    ok so im using a 8gb ipod touch at the moment while my 16gb wont work, i tried putting about 3bg music on there.. it gets to 1.5gb everytime and just says not enough memory.. i f***ing hate this thing. no matter what i do i cant get the POS to work yet my mates ipod nano works fine (put about 5bg music and some vids on there). what did i do to deserve this? i have two ibricks (yes one is my fault and hopefully will be fixed asap) and its pissing me off to no end. has anyone else had this problem and fixed it an easy way. btw im using a vista machine and suspect this to be the issue but surly other ppl here are running vista??? my xp machine let me put a little more on it before the ipod timed out (WTF) will they every Iwork ok? id straight out swap for a classic right now but i like the bigger screen for vids but its still tempting just so i dont have stupid troubles like this everytime i wanna put media on the POS
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    i take it your using iTunes to sync over the music, try reinstalling iTunes.
    It is just lots of music that times out, does large movies do the same?
    Do you have any music on another computer you could see if the same thing happerns?

    If all else fails try a restore or an exchange with apple


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