BeatRider 1.1 (kind of pointless) Song Hack

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by skaterxgamerx2, Sep 23, 2009.

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    So, I have the lite version of BeatRider 1.1 and it says you can only download 3 songs and can only play up to level three (lol which in fact you can just pick a level from the Free Music tab and then switch over to my music and you'll be on that level) so i figured, the free music mp3's and their notes (.bmm) had to be somewhere... so i ssh'd into my beatrider app folder (spent so long looking and it ended up being the very last one >.<) so when i tried just replacing the free one that was already installed with one i uploaded to, you have to re-download it...

    So! i tried it with a downloadable free one but the same results..

    And Then!! I got an idea (finally here's the hack lol): download it and THEN replace it! (right after you download it)

    and... success! the generated custom song plays!! the timer will run out of time but you'll still be playing. once the songs over, if you want to play it again, you can't exit the app and you can't be connected to wifi... but eventually i think it just goes away...

    tl;dr custom songs for beatrider only one song per ssh replacement... too much work lol

    but if someone could maybe find a way to bypass the deletion that'd be great!

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