Battery Life of Itouch 2nd gen with wifi on!

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by kris2pe, Dec 10, 2008.

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    Dec 10, 2008
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    What the battery life on ipod touch 2nd gen with wifi on?
    I was planning on buying an ipod touch 2nd gen for only one reason. Its got a good browser experience. How many hours can the ipod touch 2nd gen last with wifi on? I also plan to use it as an ebook reader.
    Now I know these are not the reasons why anyone should buy an itouch. But I already have a psp which can do video, music and games! But it doesn't to email well. So I'm thinking of another portable device that can do just that!
    Oh btw I plan to buy a second hand unit again becoz of the reason why I plan to buy one and that is I plan to buy it as a device net-ebook device.
    Would you recommend me buying one? Or should I consider a netbook for such?
    Any help or advice would help!
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    Mar 6, 2008
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    not to sound like a prick but just get a cheap laptop. they are somewhat portable and they can play games, use email, surf the web with many different browsers, battery with wifi on is usually pretty good for the power those b*tches need, and they are just really convenient.

    but if you are money tight i would say, maybe try looking at some other options, like PDA's. they have internet and can view ebooks. (i think)

    some of them also have more cool features like email, games, notes, calenders, agenda's, and anything else you might need.

    but if your still keen on getting an iPod i would say buying it ONLY for the soul purpose of internet browsing, email, and ebook reading is kind of a waste of money.
    keep the PSP and to view less RAM sucking email try something like

    Hope i could help

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