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    You Guys can post your battery images here so others can enjoy them too!

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    I made this battery image... to use it do the following:

    1- Download Zip file
    2- Copy files in Zip to a folder on your desktop named however you want
    3- If you already have a way to get into your iPod files than skip to step #7
    4- Download a program called WinSCP from
    5- Open Program and enter this for the following boxes:

    HOST Name: Your iPod's IP

    User Name: root

    Password: alpine

    6- Ones those three things are entered it would let you click login
    7- Find /private/var/root/Library/Customize/BatteryImages
    8- Drag the folder on your desktop into the directory
    9- Take your iPod and go to customize app and go to the battery image section and Bam!


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