battery doctor is it good and safe too use?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by gordesky1, Jun 9, 2010.

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    ok i just got battery doctor sense i wanted too see if it would help my battery sense the meter is pretty crazy..

    even after the warranty place put a new battery in it if they even did that but the battery is lasting longer than when the old battery in so i guess they did.

    but before the battery went bad which was really draining fast the battery was really good like i could just let it sit for couple days and i still would have a good charge left...

    but it seems even with the new battery it doesn't act the same as when i bought it or 2months ago when it was acting like new.

    day ago i just left it sit on my desk for about 9hours or so which was fully charged well 97%.. not sure why it doesn't show 100% but when i woke up the battery was on 96% but when i started doing stuff like couple pages on the net and about 5min in a game i look at the % and it was draining fast like 25% each time till it got down too 56% which it stop draining.

    which from apple it says it has a 300 hour standby time.

    so i was looking on the net and found out about battery doctor so i got that and just wanted too know before i start using it is it safe too use and will it help any? sense it does say about trickle charge and full cycle charge so maybe that's what the new battery needs or the meter needs.

    also its a ipod touch 2g which is jailbreak on 3.1.3


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