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    Well I have been reading many posts about 1.1.3, complaints, jailbreaking theories, and the decryption of the applications. Basically how I see it is:

    1. The people who make posts about how stupid Apple is for the $20 app pack, I definitely agree, but I think we have a general consensus with this and there isn't a need for new people to be critical about it, or people to commend it unless there are specific reasons which haven't been mentioned before.

    2. I think 1.1.3 will be jailbroken, however it will take some creativity this time, as Apple gets smarter with their preventative features. Eventually jailbreaking will become a problem once too many of these exploits are fixed. I am currently trying to figure things out, however while I know what I am doing, I am not an experienced hacker and can do very little coding so I may only be of help when it comes to new theories.

    3. With finding away around paying for the new apps? well I think that it will be very hard, however I did see that the 5g ipod games were cracked after some time, so I believe it is possible. The cracked 5g ipod games and how they were cracked might be a good place to start when thinking about the app pack.

    Right now, I am definitely sticking to my jailbroken 1.1.2 with a ton of apps and customized features, however I will help with experimental jailbreaking/app pack related things once they come out.

    On that note, I wanted to ask if there is a way to make a sort of "image" of my ipod, and then just restore back to it after messing with 1.1.3 sort of like how norton ghost works with hard drive imaging so i dont have to go through the process to get back to where I am now.

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