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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by KoG506, May 3, 2009.

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    Hi can i jailbreak my iphone if my current firmware is 2.2.1 and baseband 2.30. and then after jailbreaking, i go to cydia and download the software that downgrade the baseband from 2.30 to 2.28 then download yellowsn0w will that work? Thanks just bought it today and firmware 2.2.1 out of the box
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    I'm afraid Yellowsn0w will not work. it works on baseband 02.28.00. I guess you're out of luck... for now. But as for jailbreaking, yes you can. The only thing you can't do is unlock the carrier lock.
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    It's not that simple. My friend and I bought our iPhones at around the same time. I jailbroke my phone then unlocked it with yellowsn0w. I upgraded from 2.0 to 2.2 to 2.2.1 and successfully kept my baseband at 2.28. That kept my yellowsn0w active.

    I accidentally used the wrong FW and upgraded my friend's iPhone to 2.30 baseband. I attempted to downgrade with the Cydia app baseband downgrader. I checked my phone and it has the 5.8 bootloader (app that checks it can be found in Cydia) which is the requirment to downgrade the baseband. I checked her iPhone she unfortunately had the 5.9 bootloader and I could not downgrade her baseband.

    I bought her the new Gevey 3g (sim unlock) for a few bucks on (eBay is cheap too) and now it works fine. Its a little skippy on reception compared to yellowsn0w but doesn't affect anything that could be irritating. Just waiting for yellowsn0w to be updated when 3.0 FW is released since devteam said they're gonna do it.

    So the answer is if your bootloader is 5.8 you can do what you just asked. If it is 5.9 then you can't do it. So, check your bootloader (you can find the app on Cydia just search bootloader) and see. I doubt it is 5.8 though because the last batch of iPhones with 5.8 bootloader was sold around before September of 2008 (unless you got a used one or one from someone who had it before that time).

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